4 weeks in

My sister in law has been using Huel for a while and I saw the adds on Facebook. I’m not in any way vegan but I travel around a lot for work and even when in the office the food provided isn’t brilliant. As a result, I was finding that despite being active, I was still slowly gaining weight - because I was eating crap. I wanted something I could control. It needed to be easy and allow me to reduce the need to buy convenience foods. Huel fits for me based on this.

After reading forum comments I was worried about taste (I really don’t like over sweet tastes) and the impact it might have on my body - funny as the Huel poop thread is :wink: So I started slowly just having 3 scoops for breakfast for a week.

On literally the very first try I didn’t like the consistency. It was a bit lumpy. Since then I took on the feedback here and blended it with a hand blender in the shaker and left it in the fridge overnight. Problem solved. And actually I really love the taste of the new vanilla powder.

I wanted to up my intake to 2x 3 scoop Huels a day (b’fast and lunch, followed by solid dinner) but because of the need to blend and chill I couldn’t take a pouch and shaker to work and prep it there. Instead I just got a cheap thermal wine cooler bag which holds 2 bottles and stainless drink bottle (with a neck big enough to get a brush in for cleaning). I prep 2x Huels the night before. One goes in the stainless bottle, the other stays in the shaker. I have the shaker for breakfast when I get to the office and the stainless bottle for lunch.

It’s dead easy. Both are still cold when I have them, it’s saving me queuing for food, spending money and eating crap. So the practical element works and I actually look forward to having it (especially with a shot of espresso).

In terms of weight loss. I started using MyFitnessPal at the same time and the combination works for me. I was 84.5kg 4 weeks ago. I’m 79.9kg now. That’s a far faster drop than I was expecting and likely artificial given I had a pretty hardcore 200 mile endurance event in that time. I expect the weight loss to slow, which is fine, but it does work.

In the first 3 weeks I found I wasn’t hungry between meals at all. In fact I felt very full and have had positive improvement in energy (or at least I feel less peaky). Over the last week work has been a little more slow and I’ve felt hungry a few times. I suspect this is a mental thing as my mind is wondering. I’m in the habit of forcing myself to have a drink of water when that happens and so far it’s ok.

Just gone onto the subscription model - converted!

I’d be interested to know how many scoops are used as the measure behind 2 pouches = 28 meals. While I’ve not been overly paying attention I feel I’m going through it faster than that (3 scoops per meal). Might just be me.


1750g per bag, 38g per scoop.

46 scoops per bag. 3 scoops per meal.

15 meals per bag.

Two bags - 30ish meals? :slight_smile:

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I love a bit of simple math that I should have done myself :wink: Fair point well made.

Maybe it’s just a perception thing. I’ve just ordered 3 more pouches so will track the economics when they arrive. I’m that exciting :wink:


Weigh how much one of your scoops contains? 38g is pretty much a level scoop with no squishing. I like precision but couldn’t be bothered with scales & found I can get a consistent measure to within about one percent if I level each scoop carefully to avoid packing the Huel; that gives me around 37g.

A slightly rounded top or pressing down as you level off could easily add five percent or more to the weight which is why most people advise weighing if you need to control calorie input.

Might add this technical term to the booklet…:blush: