1st month complete

Hey all,

So today marks 4 weeks of using huel. Everything seems to be going well and I feel much better in my health and cravings for rubbish food have disappeared while im at work.

My routine is huel for breakfast and lunch during my working week. I have the odd shake during the weekend normally for a Saturday morning breakfast.

Flavour is key and on its own huel vanilla is fine. I have experimented with frozen fruit, huel flavours, fresh espresso and options chocolate powder(not at the same time! :wink: ) and it really adds to daily variety.

ice, fresh espresso and splash of milk is one of my favourites.

So tomorrow is another weigh in - it’s slow and steady but I’m happy with my 9lbs loss so far :slight_smile:


Well done! 9lbs in four weeks is great. I’ve been using huel since the start of January and agree it’s fairly straightforward and alot easier to use for weight loss then a lot of other methods.

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