My weight loss Huel journey so far

Hi All,

I have been looking for something like Huel for some time for weight loss but all I could find were artificial, chemical mixes which didn’t take away my food cravings.

I’m on my 4th week on Huel, first week I just had 2 scoops in 500ml for breakfast, second week I split 3 scoops in 750ml water into 3 portions, 1 for breakfast, one at work at 11 and then another at work at 3 o’clock. I have a nice hot coffee inbetween and a normal calorie measured meal in the evenings. I did feel a bit ‘detox’ rough for a few days as I was a proper sugar addict but I feel so good now, more energy, better skin, weight loss etc.

Find it strangely easy to stick to too…don’t really get hungry and don’t really crave any sweet stuff. I dont want to say how heavy I am but I my BMI is 35 and I am very inactive. So far I have lost 2lb per week, slow and steady is fine by me - having between 1100 and 1600 calories.

I feel good, so glad I found Huel, the right things come along at the right time I think. This is my chance to get off the yo-yo diets and finally get healthy.


That is great to hear @LessofMe

Yes yo-yo diets are not good. Find something you like, and suits you, and it should be easy to stick . For me it’s Huel all day, then “traditional” family meal in the evening. Best of both worlds.