An amazing solution in Huel? Weight loss diary and experience

Hi guys,

I have been trying to lose weight and be healthy for a long time.

I have previously been 12s7 on a heavy set frame at a height of 5ft9. This was a good weight for me and one I really want to get back to.

I had managed this loss from a weight of 16s7, so I know the theories of weight loss. This however has not stopped me from putting it all back on and some more on top…

The trigger point of starting the gain that time was a family loss. I literally went back to how I ate as a child! (badly).

At the same time I also had a career change into a much more sedentary job too. So a lot of things conspired to make the upward trajectory of weight pretty easy.

Fast forward 7 years later and I have not found the motivation/eating plan that works. It has all been down to me not getting a grip obviously, nothing has seemed to click though.

This has all spiralled to make me feel unhappy, anxious and stressed. That in itself makes losing even harder.

Then enters Huel…

I am quite frankly amazed by the stuff. I have had protein powders before and meal replacements, but not like this. Not something made from really food!

I am going to log my experience here. Thanks for listening to the ramble…

Oh, and it you fancy £10 off your first Huel, here is my link:


Wednesday 5th September - 18s13.8 (265.8lbs)
Yeah, I told you I put the weight back on and some!

This morning had 2 eggs for breakfast.
4 scoops of Huel for lunch.
Normal dinner.

Wow! The Huel is incredible, took me all day a work to slip/chew. So filling and made me feel awake and alert and not hungry.

I got home from work and was not tired. That for me is a revaluation. I felt human.

It was like my body was going, “Yeah I can operate normally when you feed me what I need”

No hunger, no craving, no distraction, focused on my work more than normal.

Feels too good to be true.


Thursday 6th September - 18st11.8 (263.8)
So after yesterday’s good experience decided to go Huel for breakfast and lunch.

2 scoops of berry (my first try of this, really nice!)

4 scoops for lunch (lasting most of the day though)

Normal dinner.

Again, same as yesterday, I have so much energy it is insane.

Now my body is getting the nutrition it needs, it seems to be not craving for anything and I feel so much more emotionally stable than before.

I also started exercising today. 45min walk.


Saturday 8th September - 18s8.8 (260.8)

Have been keeping to the same schedule and doing breakfast and dinner Huel style.

Did 50 mins walking yesterday too.

I am not strictly controlling calories at the moment while I am losing.

I am pretty much having no alcohol, no takeaways and having sensible dinners. I have a rough idea of calorie consumtion which is around the 2000 a day mark.

I am “lucky” in that I have a high BMR due to my weight.

On a very sedentary day my Fitbit is reading 2500 cals.

On more active day, walked to and from work (20 mins) and a 10 min walk at lunch it reads 3000.

If I walk to and from work and walk for 50 mins at lunch I can hit 3500 cals plus.

So as long as I keep to my simple rules I will lose no problem (keeping to those rules has been a problem before!)

I will have to adjust as I lose weight and my BMR adjusts, but for now I hope being moderate will ok.

The weight will tell the full story I guess.


Welcome! Will be following your journey with interest; hope it goes well for you and keep us updated :slight_smile:

Thanks Chris. Appreciate that.
I have been reading through your thread, my diary has a lot to live up to!

Day 5 - 18s9 - Loss 4.8lbs

Yesterday was a more relaxed day food wise.

Had a Huel for breakfast then lunch out and dinner at home.

Even when consuming less Huel, I still feel more in control of normal food, which is good.

Thinking that the weekends may suit just one Huel per day, but will see how I go.

Day 6 - 18s8.8 - Loss 5lbs
The weekend was a little freer and easier as would be expected!

I had a shake per day over the weekend which fitted in well with the change in activities over the weekend.

Feel pretty happy not to have gained or lost over the weekend, normally even on a traditional diet I would gain!

Was also a massively productive weekend, got stuff done that had been on our mental todo list for a while😇. I normally lack motivation to get stuff done like that due to tiredness.

I can see I was tired because I was not giving my body what it really needed!

First weight loss aim is 18s. Targeting to get there by the end of September💥

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Day 7 - 18s6.8 - Loss 7lbs

So it is coming off thick and fast, and maybe a little too quickly!

I was aware of glycogen and how it depletes when you are in deficit, but have read a bit more. Including the water that binds with it, it can account for 10lbs of weight!

My daily intake (Mon-Fri) is:

2 scoops Berry for breakfast (310cals)
4 scoops Coffee for the rest of the day (620cals)
Normal meal (~1000cals)

My average energy usage is around 3400cals, so a deficit of 1500 cals a day or about 3lbs of actual loss a week.

Although I am not hungry, I wonder if I might need to add a little more Huel to slow the loss.

Any thoughts/comments advice?

Keep up the good work, I’m enjoying following your journey.

Are you mixing the 4 scoops of coffee in one go, or using like a single shot of coffee, one at a time?

Thanks @cptncanary

When I say Coffee, I mean Huel Coffee flavour not actual coffee, although I do occasionally add a little more which gives it a bit of a kick!

I think four single shots in a shake would blow my head off though :tornado::boom:

No worries, I knew what you meant. I’ve never thought of splitting a ‘portion’ into smaller pieces, but it makes perfect sense.

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Day 9 - 18s7.4 - Loss 6.4lbs

I ended up having a bit of a blip on Day 7. Some “grape juice” was drank along with a minor food binge.

The Huel let me know the day after that was for sure! I won’t say anymore…

I have heard from another user that if they stray, that the resultant reaction can be quite interesting. I would agree, and say that it will put me off doing it again.

Overall, still loving how it makes me feel, and my weight is in a downward trajectory.

I don’t feel I am on a diet, and I feel less stressed around food in general, which was becoming a problem.

Until next time.

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Day 11 - 18s5.2 - Loss 8.6lbs

After my little blip in the middle of last week, progress has been really good. I am speeding towards my first target of 18 stone.

I have not been evangelising to everyone, but have recommended to a couple of members of my family. My wife and nephew are on board!

Still finding the digestion a little strange…

Thats good news. What is it about digesting that you find strange?

Just that I “go” a lot on Huel days. :grimacing:

Plus I am “unsociable” frequently throughout the day :tornado::tornado::tornado::joy:

Must be the fibre! Not a massive problem, but just a bit strange for me.

So, how have you got on over the last week?

Day 20 - 25th Sept - 18s 8.0 - Loss 5.8

Sorry for the scanty updates.

I have been Hueling every day still. Some naughtyness and a bad cold have meant I am not doing as well as I would like. My fault though, can’t blame the Huel on that one!

I slipped back to a Huel a day but today I am replacing breakfast and lunch again and will continue with that.

I feel like it makes returning to being good again easier, as I have still be consuming it even when I have been a little off track with my normal food.

Thanks for asking @cptncanary