Huel weight loss journey journal

I joined a gym & really started paying attention to what I was eating on 4/09/18 up to current I’ve lost 19lb.

4 days ago I received my first Huel order.

Off to a bit of a rocky start as I caught a ‘heady’ cold pretty much straight after i started Huel which left me feeling really run down. At first I was unsure if it was Huel causing the dizziness which left me questioning whether the product was well suited for me. Then the sore throat kicked in, so continued on with Huel.

Ive been using Huel for breakfast & lunch so far but intend on trying a 100% Huel day today & see how I get on.

Current stats:

Weight: 13st 5lb
Height: 5’9
Activity: Gym, cardio & resistance training 3+ PW
1st Goal: get down to 12st

Doubtful il go to the gym this weekend as still feeling rough, but we’ll see.


Completed my first 100% Huel day, no problems at all didn’t feel hungry at any point and loved that the only thing I had to wash up the whole day was the blender, shaker cup and the dusting of Huel on the kitchen worktop. Noyce!

Going for a second 100% day today because…well why not.


Week 1

Over the week Ive used Huel for breakfast + lunch, & 2 100% days.

I’m not a fan or original vanilla at all - great with flavourings added to it, but I won’t order it again it just smells weird :woman_shrugging:t2: New vanilla however is a bit of me :+1:

Unfortunately I’ve been fighting a terrible chest infection pretty much straight after starting Huel so I can’t comment on how it’s made me feel (if anything) because I feel proper cruddy. I’ve done zero exercise all week as a result bar taking the dog for a walk, missing the gym :pensive:

Start weight: 13st 5lb
Current: 13st 2lb
Change: 3lb down

On to week 2 :+1:

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Week 4

I’ve been using Huel daily & it has been awesome. I’ve had :100: days, 2 Huels a day & 1 Huel days (breakfast) the beauty for me is using it as much or as little as I like daily with no pressure to commit to anything more than enjoying Huel as & when I want to & discovering flavour combinations along the way.

Incredible how much it diminishes cravings for sweet and fatty foods as many have said before and :100: days are a pleasure with no pangs of hunger at all. Awesome. I love Huel after a fasted workout out at the gym it’s just perfect for me any many others I’m sure. I’ve noticed improvements to my skin, my nails are strong and healthy & hair feels great too! Thank you Huel Gods!

I work in quite a ‘small minded’ office (put politely) & in honesty I’m dreading one of the not so pleasant ladies copping eye of my Huel shaker & they all flock round me like vultures taking the P out of me (honestly my office is savage - full of DBD - Dumb B*tch Drama) So I tend to hide my Huel behind my monitor at work & stuff it in my bag as soon as I’m done! At first I poured Huel in a black bottle so the contents couldn’t be seen but cleaning the bottle was near impossible - need to get some confidence in dealing with these women or better still get a new job.

I’m not updating my weight at the moment as I started to become a wee bit obsessive, weighing daily like a weirdo, so for now the scales have been put away - will update in a few weeks. :+1:

In short - Huel is AWESOME


@M1ss_Franks well done, it sounds like you are making great progress :+1:t2:

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Thank you very much :blush::+1:

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Just thought I’d jump on the scales for a quick weight update a month on after introducing Huel into my world:

14/11/18 - Last Weigh in: 13st 2
16/12/2018 - Current weight: 12st 10lb
:arrow_down: 6lb

Really pleased! Feeling great, here’s to the next month :+1:


16/12/2018? :smiley:

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I thought 9lbs in 2 days was a bit drastic!


Lol dang it! Il go edit that :joy::joy::joy:

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