My experience....starting my 4th week

So, I’d never normally post on forums but I’ve been avidely browsing the forums since taking delivery of my first lot of Huel just over three weeks ago.

I just wanted to report back on how it’s going for anyone thinking of taking the plunge.

I only stumbled across Huel whilst searching for the US alternative after reading about it a while ago and wondering if it had reached the UK. Glad I did.

So…starting my 4th week. I’ve replaced everything I eat apart from a balanced healthy meal in the evenings, and allow myself one day a week where I can eat whatever I want. Call it a cheat day.

I mix up enough kcal to be on what would be classed as a maintenance serving. So I shouldn’t be losing weight based on my height vs weight. Every three hours I make sure I am having the Huel, so works out morning, mid morning, early afternoon…then a meal and then Huel before bed!


Energy levels have sky rocketed. I thought maybe it was a placebo effect. But…starting my 4th week, it isn’t. I feel awake within 5 mins of waking up, whereas before I would need a strong coffee to kick me up the a**

My energy levels remain constant throughout the day…I never dip, and feel almost euphoric. I’m also never hungry … maybe feel a bit hollow if that makes sense, but never hungry.

Training. I gym regularly. I’m finding it easier to do cardio, and with weights I feel like I have more strength than before. I train maybe 4/5 times a week…and have moved training to early morning because I’ve got so much energy first thing.

Bank balance. Well…I am saving a fortune. I used to snack on cakes, biscuits, bread, crisps Mon to Fri. That’s all stopped. I use to live off processed foods (with lots of hidden sugar/salt)…thats all stopped. Effectively I’ve cut it all out thanks to Huel.

My minds focused. Physically as well my body shape is changing, becoming more defined and the belly (thanks to the cakes) is shrinking. I’m much leaner and just feel way better in myself.

So…what about that cheat day. Week one I went nuts, buying anything sweet I could and eating it all at once. But, my tastebuds have adapted. Things tasted too sweet, almost sickly. Now, on cheat day…I just let myself eat normally and let myself have what I want, but in moderation. It just takes the edge of the boredom factor of drinking shakes all week long.

Oh…and I haven’t taken a lunch break in three weeks…just a walk to the fridge! My employer must love Huel too I’d imagine!


If you’re thinking of taking the plunge but not sure … and you’ve let things slip diet wise and want a good way to get back on track I’d really recommend giving it a go.


Hi, this is a great testimony to Huel. I was just wondering how you serve your Huel? :slight_smile:

I love the cheat day, its a great idea! And definitely preferred to one getting upset about only consuming liquid food and giving up!

Four weeks is a long commitment. Well done :slight_smile:


LOL … I serve my Huel chilled, mixed up the night before. With water. It’s living life on the edge :wink:

Re the cheat day. Definitely something to consider. Based on my past experience with changing the way I eat, I always found it easier to have something to work towards as a reward. I find that after maybe week 2 or 3 the desire to go crazy and eat more than my own body weight in whatever may take my fancy on cheat day dminishes. I ‘want’ to eat healthier, and find myself wanting salads etc. This is from a man who lived on muffins and cakes over three weeks ago!

Saying that, cheat day last Sunday did involve fried chicken…cough


Thanks for this, it sounds like you’re getting out of Huel exactly what I want to get out of it! I’m just getting started and still getting my eye in with regards mixing, consistency, flavours etc, but it gives me heart to see that what I want to get out of it is really doable!

Might not go as far as eating salads though, I’ve never been able to get on with salad :slight_smile: