4 weeks of 100% Huel (kinda)..starting today


I started using Huel septemberish last year. After a week of replacing breakfast and dinners I did a week Huel 100% and it was great! I’ve then been on and off Huel since… replacing odd meals here and there or just having it as a treat… (love the stuff …taste likes a yummy milkshake to me) .

Recently I’ve been eating way to much junk so decided to try and be strict and go 100% (kinda) . I like a challenge and im interested to see what will happen… so trying for 4 weeks!

I have decided to aim for 4 shakes a day (3scoops 500ml) and will allow myself a extra one if I’m hungry still. On a wednesday and either saturday or sunday every week (apart from this weekend and next wednesday so I go a full week) I am also going to have a healthy evening meal (and one or two less shakes) . If I ever feel like I am going to really cave I’m allowing myself any fruit or veg I want… But hoping I won’t. My main aim is to kick my sugar habit for a while and be healthy. I do have weight to loose but I’m not focusing on that…I’m active and just having more energy will be the reward!
I’m gona make a new instagram page to document it. Will post the link below when I do. Anyone that feels like joining in or watching as I do… your support would be great

3 shakes already had today… bring it on!!

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I’m on Instagram as @badgersnacks. Install the app to follow my photos and videos. https://instagram.com/download/?r=4592364344

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Good luck. I am going 100% huel (and one meal on weekends) from tomorrow, like you, mainly to beat my sugar addiction.

I don’t have Instagram but hopefully you will update your progress here. I would love to see how it goes.

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Ah great! Yes I will try and check back in here too! So far so good… 15hours in :smile: ! And goodluck to you too! Have you had Huel for a while or are you new to it?

My start day of 100%Huel, 6 days a week; 3xday starts tomorrow!
I am doing this first: because I want to address my sugar addiction and second: I want to lose weight.
After 2 weeks, I’ll see what works next- maybe keep it like that or bring to 5 days a week; 3xday.


Hey what’s your Instagram handle? I can’t open the link haha

Goodluck! Im on day two… keep having cravings but I’m not hungry at all… just adverts for chocolate and people eating chips in the park making me crave.haha… 2 shakes today so far :sunglasses:


Going on day 2 of 3xwk tomorrow. Still having fruit though as I want to have a choice when I feel the punchy junk food addiction surface up or when I’m on the train and someone’s eating MacDonald fries or chips from a chippy or crisps!! Very difficult- these first hours-!!