New to Huel and

I’m a little bit amazed.

So I’ve been eating terribly and not doing much exercise for the last couple of years do to job/poor lifestyle. Also spending a ridiculous amount of money on food.

I ordered Huel on a bit of a desperate whim. It’s only been just under a week so there’s a long road ahead and I’m sure lots of hurdles but…

So far I’m very very impressed! I have been 100% Huel for two days. I have literally more energy than i feel like I’ve had in years… I went through a phase of falling asleep so early and now I actually feel like I’m in control of my own body clock!

And I’m already losing weight. I know it comes off fast at first often but it’s still so rewarding.

I’m very happy and just hope, hope hope I keep feeling good!


Don’t overdo it! If your body is ok with the abrupt change then great but don’t be surprised if you go into a little bit of shock at first; diving into 100% Huel is not generally recommended

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Lovely to hear your first experiences, Bryn! It’s really nice that we’ve impressed you, and may we continue to. Definitely echo Ryan’s thoughts on not diving in 100% right off the bat, ease yourself in to it so that your body doesn’t start doing metaphorical somersaults! However with all that extra energy who knows, you might end up doing literal somersaults!

Keep it up, look forward to how you’re doing a few weeks down the line!