My first day on Huel

The big day arrived, and I embark on my Huel adventure in the hope of both eating a healthier diet, and losing a bit of weight, I plan to stick to it entirely for a while at least.
First impression is that it tastes pleasant, but will need some “personalising” with flavours etc, I mixed it with a coconut milk replacement at lunchtime, and that made it delicious, a very creamy milkshake. (wanted to keep off the dairy, so didn’t use milk, but I’m sure it would be very nice with it)


Great to hear you are liking the start of your Huel adventure.

Keep us posted.

If you do add coconut milk take those extra calories into account, and just reduce the amount of Huel you use to compensate.

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Hi Julian,

My first day completed, and I am really pleased with it ! So easy to use, the taste is great, and I have not felt hungry. All in all I’m happy that I have found something that I can work with…I am keeping a diary, and my husband took a photo of me today, and will take another in two months, hopefully weighing less and looking healthy !

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Hi @tazzi

That is wonderful to hear. I’m so pleased you like it.

Keep up the good work.

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Hi Julian

I will probably go quiet for a week, just to see how I’m managing with Huel/diet/exercise. I will keep following on facebook.


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