My Huel Diary - A Narcissist's Approach

Hi there,

This is horribly self-involved, but I read in another thread that keeping a public diary like this could help me stay on track, so here it is.

I am awaiting my first delivery of Huel (ETA two hours from now, AKA lunchtime) and am excited to get started. I will be using Huel for all nutrition until I get home from work in the evening, where I will be having my usual, balanced, home-cooked meal.

My aim from using Huel is to take back control of my calorific intake with the intention of slimming down - I was horrified to get on the gym scales this morning and find myself at 12st 11lbs (34.4% fat). This is the best part of 4st over my ideal weight, which disappeared (along with my freedom and muscle tone) when I graduated university and became shackled to this desk about five years ago.

It has been a slow creep up, and I acknowledge it will be a long process back, but I am determined. My family history of osteoarthritis, hypothyroidism and depression are all the more reason to get back on the wagon, and back in charge.

I will be combining my Huel approach with tri-weekly training sessions and will update this on a weekly basis.

If you read this far, thanks, and sorry it wasn’t all that interesting!

TL; DR? Fat girl slim.



Welcome @Sophie good luck with your fat loss journey.

I know that Huel will be able to make it that little bit easier. :smile:

Yikes! Four days in and the taste almost put me off completely.

After adding a banana and/or apple and/or cinnamon and ginger, I was losing hope. I scoured the forum for help and came across coffee + milk = delicious.

I tried that for the first time this morning with unsweetened almond milk and a shot of decaf and my oh my – I could drink that all day long. It tastes like a Frappuccino. Yum!

I am persevering with getting all my daytime nutrition from Huel and evening from solids. I am also learning to adjust my intake over the course of the day depending on whether I have evening plans that will involve a higher than average kcal intake.

Trousers are feeling looser and I’m on a roll. So far so good.

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Don’t forget to wear a belt then :laughing:

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One week (and one overindulgent weekend) later, the results are in: 1.5% reduction in body fat, representing 1.3kg. Not too shabby.

Bring on week two.


Impressive, how are you measuring bodyfat, and did you weigh yourself as well?

Using a body fat scale with hand and feet electrodes. I know there are multiple issues with accuracy of such devices, but the numbers are moving in the right direction and that’s enough to keep me motivated for now :slight_smile:

I did also weigh myself and my weight is stable. I use the scales once weekly, at the same time of day and after exercising.

Hi Sophie, I would suggest a couple of things.

  1. Use fat callipers they are more accurate I have found
  2. Weigh yourself after sleeping, e.g. first thing in the morning. If you weight after experience it could effect your weight due to sweat , etc.

Good luck.

Noted, thanks Julian. Unfortunately I do not have access to calipers (or the resources to acquire them at the moment) but I have taken your points on board.

Should cost less than £10, maybe less than £5. I think the ones I purchased a long time ago were just under £10.