Gain Weight using Huel?

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That’s me now, I’ve decided that the best way to try and gain weight is to try and get a healthy daily nutrient intake. I eat one main meal per day or 2… anymore and I tend to get sick. My doctor blames such things on a high metabolism but I’m determined… I look so ugly right now…

Does anyone out there have any experience with this? and are there any extra methods for weight gain I can do?. I personally was thinking of the gomad challenge?

Have you tried working out your caloric needs, and then consistently consuming at least 500 extra calories per day?

MyFitnessPal app/website is good for keeping track of what calories you are eating. You can work out what you currently eat, then look at what calories you should be eating and plan around it.

If you ignore the fat loss work out plan around it, this page has a calorie/macro calculator which can give an idea of what to aim for.

The Huel may help in between your meals rather than a replacement, being a drink may make it easier to increase your calories.

I struggle to put weight on as well, fast metabolism just burns through calories. Was having 4-5k calories a day for 6 months and put on around 1.5 stone. Have lost over a stone since going back to normal calories, now trying to focus more on nutrient balance rather than just eating everything. I’ve been using Huel as a way to get the vits and minerals on top of my other meals. I’m probably averaging about 2.5-3k calories a day at the moment.

Crikey, just looked at the gomad challenge, 8 pints a day is going some. I was having 2 pints a day of whole milk in my gain period.

I think you may have to look at gradually increasing your current calories over a period so your body and stomach can adjust to the increase in volume, by going gradually it may help prevent the sick feeling.

It’s supposed to destroy you but am just finishing my 8th pint at… 9:20, started at 7:30… honestly normally drink a lot anyway.

First of all, I’d say the GOMAD diet is a bad idea because it’s going to make you fat, in a bad way.

I personally would recommend that you increase you calories by 500-1000/day, which should see you put on 1-2lbs a week. If your weight doesn’t increase then keep increasing your daily intake by 200-300 kcals until it does. Gaining weight slowly is safer than rapid weight gain.

In addition to this, I would also recommend that you start lifting weights. The reason this is important, is the extra calories you are consuming need to go somewhere. If you are working out, your body will send a portion of the extra calories you’re now eating to your muscles in order to repair and grow them. This way you should develop a better physique rather than become skinny-fat, which is likely what you’ll become if you stick to GOMAD. You don’t need to join a gym, you can perform a bodyweight workout at home, or purchase some second-hand dumbells and a barbell and plates off of ebay etc.

Make sure that as part of your daily calorie intake you are getting 0.82g of protein per lb of your bodyweight. The rest is then made up of healthy fats and carbs (ideally complex carbs and not so many simple carbs).

You might find this calculator useful to work out your macros (I certainly did!):

Hope this helps.

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