I don't want to lose weight - can I use Huel?

I am thinking of purchasing Huel and using it for two meals a day during weekdays, but in the evenings and during the weekend eating actual, healthy foods. I am a university student so the plus side to doing this is it would cost less than what im currently spending on food per week. However, I am quite tall and thin, and I try to go to the gym every week day to build muscle, so I am not looking to lose weight - is it possible to use Huel in this way, without losing weight?

Huel isn’t a weight loss product per say. It can be used for that purpose, but it’s not it’s only use.

Our Registered Nutritionist James Collier BSc (Hons), RNutr wrote a great Huel Guide to Weight Gain which would probably be helpful for you to understand how to use Huel to reach your goals.

Thanks! Following that guide, I have discovered that I need to consume 3,264 calories per day to gain 1lb a week. The guide says that “Having 3-4 scoops of Huel 2-3 times per day as well as good food, will help you gain good quality weight”. However, each scoop of Huel is 152 calories, making a 4-scooped drink only 608 calories. Twice a day this is 1,216. This means I would still have to consume 2,048 calories in the evening! Is this possible and would it be worth the amount of money I would be spending, given the amount of Huel I would be consuming?

If I were you I would also consider how financially viable using various milks in place of water is as it ups the calories. I’m not very good at maintaining my weight bur Huel helps a lot.
I weigh mine. 125g (500 calories) Huel with 400ml soya milk is about 700 calories total. I’m sure you could probably use dairy milk as well if you eat that, I don’t, but Morrison’s, tesco, and also all stock own brand/value soya milk for 59p a litre.
Although I have to ask what kind of ethical/healthy student shopping you’re doing for Huel to be cheaper. Huel basically doubles my food spending. :smiley:

Hi Piers

People who want to gain weight, usually find they have to consume food 5-6 times per day and Huel is no different. Like you, I’m currently trying to gain weight (after illness), so I’m having 12-14 scoops of Huel per day plus 2 meals - I’m consuming Huel or food 7 times a day.