Can you lose weight or gain weight on Huel?

The short answer is yes to both.

Huel is designed the give the body the recommended ratios of macro nutrients (carbs, fats and proteins) and micro nutrients (vitamins and minerals). These are what the body needs to function.

In terms of fat lose / gain it simplistically comes down to calories in (food and drink) minus from calories out (what your body uses).

If you want to gain weight the rough rule of thumb is to consume 500 calories over what you body needs per day, and to lose weight it’s to consume 500 under you daily requirements of calories.

Again roughly, 3500 calories is 1lb of fat. Therefore, if you consume a deficit of 500 calories a day you should lose 1lb of fat per week and vice versa.

The amount of calories your body needs per day depends on your age, gender, current weight and activity level. Use an on-line calculator to find out yours, e.g.


I’ve just been having a nose round the website and glad I came across this post. I’m someone who actually has trouble putting weight on. I suffer from a condition called Anosmia which means I have no sense of smell, and like many others with this condition it means food isn’t pleasurable like it is for some people, it’s simply functional for me to stop feeling hungry. Huel looks interesting because it looks like a good way for me to make sure I’m getting the right vitamins and minerals every day in a simple drink. Intriguing!

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Hi Stuart, sorry to hear about that condition. Huel would be good, its contains everything you need and it’s super easy to weigh out your personal amount of calories, mix and then drink throughout the day.

Thanks Julian, what’s the best way to order? Do you order for a weeks worth, a months worth? What about a monthly subscription kind of thing? Will you be doing anything like that?

@StuartLee Good question.

We are still finalising things, but it looks like 2.5kg bags will be the standard. This should provide approx. a week’s supply if you only consume Huel, longer if you eat food as well. We might offer 1kg sample bag (about 3 day’s worth) but I personally feel you will need more than 3 days to fully test out this new concept.

Hopefully they will be a discount for subscriptions.

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