Gaining weight 123

Hi, I was wondering can you gain weight with huel I weight about 55 kilos and I am underweight so I would like to gain like 15 kilos

Visit this page, fill in the details and then consume more calories than is required to maintain your weight

Gaining weight will almost entirely be about eating enough calories. Unless you are recovering from some kind of ED or illness, then its likely you don’t have a very big appetite and naturally under eat somewhat. For people who have smaller appetites eating enough calories to gain weight can be very challenging.

Any foods could make up the calories you need and it could be that the convenience and speed of Huel could really help, but on the flip side, it is nutrient dense not calorie dense and quite filling so if appetite is a problem then you might not be able to ‘fit enough in’.

Hi Dominik, as others have said calories key. You may find this article helpful: How to gain weight | Huel Guide

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