Newbie needs guidance

Huel newbie here.
I’m 40 and in pretty good shape. I work from home and need a better option for meal prep.
I’m looking for lean gains, meaning I want to lose fat and gain muscle.
I’m going to be taking creatine, and doing protein shake probably 2-3x/day. Working out (lifting) 5 times per week.
My target calories is 1943 per day.

Anything else I should know, be aware of, or plan for?
How many scoops and times per day should I be hueling?

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Sounds okay to me. Just be aware it’s really difficult to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time which is why most people go through shredding (fat loss) and bulking (muscle gain) phases.

How many scoops and how often you have Huel is totally up to you and what fits in with the rest of your diet. Flexibility is one of the great benefits of Huel.

yeah i agree, its well known that you cut or gain, usually in that order. because you need less calories to cut and more to gain.

i cut first losing a load of weight then when i got There, i consumed more protein and good calories to gain. its working.

i also found in my own personal experience that i used huel calories more efficiently and therefore could consume more huel calories than slower digesting bigger solid food.