Vegan bulking

Hi all,

just wondering if anybody has had any luck or can offer any advice using Huel to bulk?

I’ve recently cut out meat and dairy. I have been using Huel for aroubd 2 years but generally don’t replace meals - I will have it as either a morning or afternoon snack. I find it very difficult to put weight on but, having said that, it’s not like i’ve ever had a period of eating 4k calories for a prolonged period as it just doesn’t seem healthy. I’m looking to put a serious amount of muscle/weight on but would just like to get to a healthier weight. I’m 6ft 1 and weight approx. 11st. I have a sedentary job and go to the gym 2-3 x week with some running and quite a bit of walking throughout the week.

’ I’m looking to put a serious amount of muscle/weight on’

That should have read, I’m not looking to put a serious amount of muscle/weight on’

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In answer to your question - yes you can put weight on with Huel

Everyone has different metabolisms and lifestyles so you’ll need to find what works for you, but personally I would recommend initially using Huel to add in extra meals in the day so you are consuming more calories over all.
So keep your current breakfast lunch and dinner and maybe add in a 2-3 scoop huel at 11am and as a supper, or something like that.

As for adding muscle, the only way that is going to happen is with strength training - you need to work hard.
Maybe add weights 2/3 times a week into your gym routine if you can…
I use Huel as my post workout shake, immediately after strength training. It suits me well. I did add extra pea protein for a while but don’t feel that’s necessary for me personally.


Thanks Christina

I have tried in the past but I think i’ve been too quick to make excuses and give up. I will be persevering this time

Give up with the weights? Or give up with the extra calories?

If you mean the weights… maybe you just don’t enjoy it? If you find an exercise you really like, it becomes addictive and easy to build a habit. If you don’t enjoy it, it’s a real chore to force yourself to do it 3 times a week.
Maybe try a few things and see if you can find something that is more fun for you personally.

If it’s the calories… it’s just a matter of time to build up a habit. Apparently it takes 3 months of daily discipline and effort and then the routine becomes a habit and it’s relatively easy to maintain. Your stomach (and brain) will get used to eating more and it won’t take effort after a while.

You might find that sorting the exercise will sort out the diet anyway - you’ll be easily needing post-workout carbs and proteins and your general appetite will increase and you’ll eat more without having to try to hard


Mainly trying to cram in the extra calories. I go through cycles of thinking ‘i want to put on weight’ and eating the extra calories and then questioning my motives for wanting to do so. It becomes more of a psychological thing than a physical thing. I think Huel will be a great way to sneak in the extra cals as I can tell myself i’m drinking rather than eating.

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