How should i use huel?

I am planning to start using huel.

I want to start going to they gym more and just bulk up abit as I have quite a small frame and I’d like to build up.

I weigh about 65kg and I am about 5,9".

Will huel help me to bulk up?

And how often/how much huel should I use.

I am a complete newbie to this so any help would he appreciated.

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Huel is neither intended as a “bulk up” tool nor a “weight loss” tool. It’s a complete nutrition food (as close to complete nutrition as current nutrition science allows).

Because it’s in an easily measurable powder form, it’s VERY easy to track how many calories you’re getting, for dieting or weight gain purposes, but if you’re going for higher protein levels while trying to bulk up, or whatever… just be aware that Huel is supposed to be complete nutrition for the average consumer, it’s not specialized for dieting or exercise.

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Hey Fraser! So great to have you on the team, some great questions there too and @Liam1965 has done a great job of answering them. Essentially if you want to use Huel for weight gain then you can. Just as you can use Huel for weight loss or weight maintenance. It all comes down to calorie intake.

Definitely check out our Guide to Gaining Weight here as I think you will find it useful. Indeed there are loads of interesting articles in our Guides and Articles section of our website.

Keep us posted on your progress!