Getting cravings for other foods - how to stop this?

Hello, happy to report my experience has been very positive after trying Huel for a week. Only issue is that sometimes I still get cravings for other food and unfortunately I gave in on the weekend and consumed extra calories. Will these cravings ever go away?

My typical food consumption is: 1 or 2 Huel Black portion. 1 or 2 Hot and Savoury portion. My max limit is 4 x Huel portions per day i.e. 1600 calories (ideally 1200 calories for most days, so 3 portions).

I find that the Hot and Savoury is really wonderful and more filling so I have ordered each of the new flavours (Green Thai, Chilli, Madras). Looking forward to that.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Hi! Are you on 100% Huel? Have you considered mixing it up a bit and having a proper meal once a day or even every few days. If you want to use Huel for all you calories it’s definitely doable, but you might find you miss other food and it will cause you to overeat due to cravings, or you might start to get fed up with Huel for that reason.

For example I use Huel on work days for breakfast and lunch (and sometimes dinner too if I have several 12 hour shifts in a row). But on my days off I have Huel for breakfast and then have “normal food” for the rest of the day. It means I never miss my favourite foods and I’m never really craving anything. Huel doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

I guess it depends what your personal goals are and how you want to use Huel. Are you also sure you’re eating enough calories? Is 1200-1600 enough for you?

If you want to keep up 100% Huel I can also recommend Huel bars to help with snack cravings. Otherwise perseverance is key. When I first went vegan I used to crave cheese and sausage sandwiches all the time. Six years on and I don’t even think about non vegan food or miss it at all.

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I just add a pinch of salt to every Huel for the cravings


Hey Sherry, you didn’t give in, you wanted something different, and that’s okay.

Go easy on yourself and if you’re 100% Huel, try introducing some other foods into your diet and work with your cravings, not against them.

We have an article on this which you might find helpful: Curb your cravings – Huel

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Hi - I started putting sea salt in the hot & savoury foods. It really brings out the taste and helps with the cravings. :slight_smile: Madras flavour is the best.

Update: I am able to successfully suppress my appetite for any cravings with kratom tea. I am able to stick to a Huel only diet of 3 portions a day max.

Over the past couple of weeks of the Huel diet, there is a noticeable physical difference in weight loss. It’s also worth noting that I feel fantastic in terms of my mental health. This could be placebo and / or the essential vitamins and nutrients within product.

A Huel diet is expensive. I’m already half-way through all three of my Hot & Savoury flavours. But when it comes to health, I don’t care - it’s worth it. It would be nice however if Huel did discounts for members that have subscriptions continuously without pause.



Thank you Dan. I have added another update above. :slight_smile:

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Thank you. This really helped me. Salt really brings out the flavour and also helps with cravings.

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