Weight Loss AND Loss of Cravings

I’m just entering my second month of Huel. I’m loving it, and I’ve experienced something that I’ve not seen mentioned here - a loss of cravings.

I didn’t get into Huel for weight loss - I’m in reasonably good shape anyway, and I haven’t eaten meat for the last 23 years. I got into it for convenience. And, when a mate mentioned it to me maybe six weeks ago, it just felt right, despite the fact I’d never once considered or even looked at meal replacements.

In my first month, I had…

13 days replacing 1 meal with Huel
11 days replacing 2 meals with Huel
1 day replacing all 3 meals with Huel
The remaining 5 days I either had no Huel or just a snack of it.

I’m very unadventurous here - it’s always Flavoured (though I plan to experiment with gluten-free), always with water, hardly ever with flavours (I’m still working my way through the sample pack) and I’ve just started adding a teaspoon of maca root powder occasionally, which hardly changes the taste at all.

There’s no particular pattern to my intake as I work sometimes from home in Northumberland, sometimes in London, sometimes in Nottingham, plus two days in Athens this week - and I didn’t feel comfortable carrying a pouch of anonymous powder through customs! I do have a bag of Huel in London, and I’m taking one to Nottingham next week, but there’ll always be the odd day where I’m nowhere near one of my supply drops.

Anyway, as a result, with no effort at all, I’ve lost 4.8lbs, or 2.6kg, and I feel a lot better and more energised as a result.

The more striking and unexpected result, though, is that two cravings I was barely even aware of have completely evaporated.

For years, I always had a big bar of milk chocolate in the fridge, and would have anything from 5 squares up to 20 squares a day, usually after dinner. And I’d usually have a loaf of the lovely uncut, store-baked bread from the local Co-Op, generally making myself a sandwich at lunchtime. Very quickly, I stopped buying both because I stopped wanting / craving both, and it happened so effortlessly I hardly noticed at first.

I used to buy the Co-Op flapjack regularly, too, and the last bag I bought, I ate one of the four pieces in two halves over a couple of days, and the rest ended up going stale and being thrown out. Even having it there in plain sight didn’t tempt me to nibble.

I’m assuming that the cravings were a disfunctional physical and emotional response to missing elements in my diet, and I’m assuming the completeness of Huel has led to these cravings falling away.

So thanks to the Huel Team - I’m a customer for life now!


Hi there,

Thank you so much for giving us an insight into your experience with Huel. I’m so glad it’s been such a positive addition to your diet! No longer craving flapjacks and chocolate must be a good thing. I think people often think that with Huel they have to force themselves not to eat the more unhealthy food they love, which obviously isn’t the case. So it’s great to hear you have quite naturally stopped eating the little extras that weren’t so healthy.

Are you content with the weight loss? Or is this an unwanted occurrence? If so:

*Read as applicable

  1. Well done, glad you are feeling healthier!
  2. Sorry we accidentally made you lose some weight, maybe eat some more Huel?

Anyway, thank you so much for taking the time to tell us because it really makes our day at Huel HQ. :smiley:

Love from all of Huel

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Cheers, Tim!

Love the multiple choice! So I checked my BMI, and the weight loss has nudged me from 0.6 above the ideal range to 0.2 inside the ideal range. So I guess I’m happy with that, and a bit more shifted would do no harm. Though as I say, weight loss has never been a focus for me, and wasn’t in this case. It’s just a happy side effect.

You’re so right - people do seem to think it’s an effort to stop eating the things they love. I could hardly imagine not having chocolate and yet, here i am, inside a month, and I simply can’t face it. Same with pizza, as I discovered tonight. I cooked one for my son. I’d normally join him, but the very thought turned my stomach. So Huel it was…

Keep up the good work, guys. Oh, and I’m all for continuous improvement, too…

Small update…

I’m just entering my fifth month on Huel. My consumption pattern has not changed markedly since I began, except I now do intermittent fasting 3-4 times a week. In the pattern I choose, this means I’m done with food my 8pm (I’ve never liked eating later than that anyway) and fast until noon the following day. That means I eat for 8 hours (not solidly, of course!) and fast for 16 hours on an intermittent fasting day.

(There’s plenty on YouTube on intermittent fasting, but the best documentary on fasting in the broader sense is the BBC Horizon programme from a few years ago).

The cravings have never returned. On the odd occasion I do have some bread or chocolate, I tend to regret it soon afterwards, just not feeling great for an hour or so.

My weight loss, after four months, is now 16lb / 7kg, and I look and feel amazing! A girlfriend told me recently I have the body of a 30-year-old which, at 53, is marvelous to hear! If nothing else, I’ve learned that I’m a lot happier at eleven and a half stone than I was at 12 and a half. It’s been completely effortless, and I’m assuming my weight will settle at an ideal, sometime fairly soon.