One week in - graves and weight loss

I’m using huel to help me with weight loss and cravings. With Graves’ disease I’m up and down with my thyroid and cutting out meat dropped it back towards normal but I’m hoping that huel can help me stabilise this too!

It’s been a week and I haven’t had any cravings. Using 100g for breakfast and 100g for lunch I’ve been so full all day! I’m someone who has never done a fad diet as I haven’t got the will power. I’ve been shocked with Huel, I have no problems with the flavour. I prefer the flavoured sachets in the unsweetened, I’ve added fruit and coffee to my drinks so far and loving how easy it is not to have to think about food in the day as I’m so busy.

The other amazing thing is I haven’t craved anything at night. I have a small meal and that’s it… THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED. I will admit the weekend I only had huel for breakfast- but I had visitors so had to eat out. I do some gentle yoga 3 times a week and a little walking but no real hardcore exercise as I’m still unfit from my breathing difficulties with the auto immune disease.

I’m at my heaviest I’ve ever been and I yo to due to the thyroid switching from under active to over, I’m currently under. My doctor has agreed me trying this as cutting out meat really helped and he didn’t think this would affect it a lot. No problems with toilet on transition ( had to be said after reading the other topics) and A week doing this is something I’ve never been able to achieve before at the age of 27! Looking forward to my meal at the end of the day so much more now.

Height: 5ft 8"
Weight: (21/07/2017) 12 st 4
Weight : (29/07/2017) 11st 12

So far so good ! It will slow down but I’m already havin comments that my face has changed shape. I was very bloated this week and I’ve never experienced a drop like this. May be thyroid changing not to sure at the doctors next week for bloods so will see.