Weight loss with Huel as a former fat guy

Trying HUEL for the first time to see how it goes.

I used to be pretty big in highschool (192 cm - 105kg). With a very strict diet I managed to lose 20 kilograms (85 kg was my regular weight for many years).

I used to eat healthy food most of the time and exercise regularly…I allowed myself to gain one or two kilos regularly, but always aimed to go back to 85.

Recently, I somehow started eating very unhealthy foods almost every day and managed to gain almost 14 kilos! Totally unacceptable :frowning:

I live in Japan and food is surprisingly unhealthy: Very processed and ridiculous amounts of sodium and carbs. It is also relatively expensive to eat fresh food, vegetables and fruits, and it doesn’t help that the average lunch break is 40 minutes.

I started doing HUEL once a day about 10 days ago and so far I’m really impressed. I really enjoy the flavor, it makes me full without feeling bloated and the gas is totally gone (after 2 or 3 days).

So far I’ve lost 2 kilos (currently 97kg) without really starving myself or making too many changes. Currently my day looks like this:

Breakfast: Avocado toast and coffee (~350kcal)
Lunch: HUEL 3 scoops (450kcal)
Sensible Dinner: (Under 1,000kcal)

I’m also trying to do cardio at least twice a week to gain more muscle.

I have a medical checkup in about 22 days and I would love to make it to at least 90kg. More than anything, I really love how easy it’s been: just bring my shaker with 3 scoops and prepare it whenever I need to eat.

I’m also saving a lot of money since I don’t just eat whenever I’m hungry and I don’t go to the supermarket nearly as often…and my skin looks great :thinking:


I read “ridiculous amounts of sodium and crabs”… :joy: hmm doesn’t sound too bad

I’m curious, are you drinking Huel at work? What’s your job like? What do your colleagues think?

Thanks in advance for indulging my curiosity.