Thinking of Huel for Weight Loss


Hi everyone,
New to the forum and to Huel. Being obese I am looking at Huel for calorie control whilst getting the nutrition I need. Do you think a vanilla and a plain pack with the flavour samples is a good way to start and have one for breakfast, another for lunch and a normal evening meal?



Sounds like a plan but you might want to ease into Huel rather than going 100% from day one. The Unflavoured / Unsweetened is basically oaty but that means you can add all sorts to it. Bananas :banana: coffee :coffee: fresh/frozen fruits :grapes: peanut :peanuts: butter, even tried Marmite myself :yum::wink:


I was with you until Marmite. Good to know I can add fruits. Maybe able to create a take on overnight oats.


Marmite on toast :+1: Marmite Huel :nauseated_face: :grin:


I’m working on it, add something sweet for a salted caramel flavour :yum:


Hi Philip. Welcome to the forum. Taste is very subjective but Vanilla is one of my staples, as is U&U. I’m less fond of Original, find it overly sweet but some others here prefer it to Vanilla. Hope you enjoy Huel and good luck with the weight loss :+1:


Perhaps unsweetened with a flavour may be a good shout then


Yes, sounds like a good place to start :grinning:


UU hasn’t worked for me though. I have to throw a LOT of flavor into it before I can get rid of a bitter aftertaste! Everyone is different. Worth a punt to try it!


Perhaps 1 vanilla and 1 UU to start with, then can go 50/50 if preferred?


Order placed. Onwards and upwards.
Thanks everyone


good luck:-)