Brand New Hueler

Hi All - so… placed my order yesterday and looking forward to getting my first batch of Huel for the new year!

I expect in common with a lot of people new to Huel I’m hoping to lose some weight. So going to try to stick with a 2 Huel a day with a conventional meal in the Evening.

Im 6’1 and nearly 16 stone - aiming to get back down to 12 stone. And a slightly daunting challenge of the Great Scottish 1/2 Marathon in October so aiming to be around the 14 stone mark by then.

Wish me luck! I guess I posting here in the hope that me shouting it out, will help me stay honest/true to the plan!!!

Any one got good recommendations on additional flavourings, I have initially order 2 weeks of Huel 1 pack of Unflavoured and 1 pack of Vanilla

1 Like may be a good start

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I’m also brand new to this, have got samples and have a 14k calorie order coming tomorrow hopefully!
I’m 5’3 and around 10.35 stone at the moment, aiming for roughly 8.5 stone :+1:
I was 12.10 stone when I started my weight loss journey a couple of years ago but still haven’t progressed to the goal as it’s gotten harder as I’ve lost.
I’m replacing breakfast and lunch (sometimes just lunch if i wake at like 12pm whoops) and having either a small or large dinner depending on whether i’ve had breakfast.
I’ve heard that throwing in frozen strawberries and banana can improve the flavour by miles but they also sell flavour packs that are pretty cost effective and sound nice, personally I don’t find I need the taste boost, I love it by itself. :slight_smile:

I get your need to shout out and I feel the same. Really hoping huel works out for me :smile:

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