Flavour Pouches, How much do you use?

So I got my first delivery of Huel this week, 2 bags of vanilla and a toffee flavour pouch.

I started using this for lunch at work but I don’t taste the flavour pouch much at all. I used 500ml of water to 3 (just less than level) scoops and used close to a teaspoon of flavour powder (vs. the recommended half teaspoon). It still just tastes of oats and I don’t get any sweetness at all.

How much flavour powder to others use or which flavour do you find comes through the best?
I wanted to get the rhubarb and custard originally for a flavour that would stand out more, but it was out of stock. I’m a little reluctant to buy any more flavour pouches unless they’re going to work…

Edit- I’m going to get some milk on the way to work today and will try mixing it with that!


you’re almost bang on what I do, and I can taste both the strawberry and toffee fine for me, a half a spoonful was too little.

although, I could still ‘taste’ it as I tend to stick my nose in the bags for a few minutes… :blush:


I’ve only used the pineapple and coconut flavour sachet. I use 550ml water, 100g vanilla Huel and half a teaspoon and that is just fine. Having said that I only use the flavour occasionally not regularly. I tried with a teaspoon and that was too much. In fact just typing that now has given me the smell of it in my nostrils and I’ve not even used it for 5 or 6 days.

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I use 5g per 100g of unflavoured huel

Well with milk was much better to my personal preference! Could taste the toffee and get it down much more easily. Will play about with ratios of milk / water next week and I’ll definitely get a fruity flavour next time round.