Flavour Pouches

I ordered the flavour taster pack, I have been using with Vanilla huel and whilst there is a hint of nice flavour they all just taste ridiculously sweet and sickly.

My question is, if used with unflavoured Huel does this lessen this effect, has anybody tried with both?

In other news, one week of using Huel for 2 of my 4 meals a day has resulted in 4lb of fat loss. I am aiming to get down to 10% body fat before starting a slow lean bulk.

Huel recommends to add twice as much flavour to UU, so 4g or one teaspoon.

Play around with what works, I use a full teaspoon for Banana and Strawberry, half for Rhubard and Custard and I’ll be using about a quarter for Pineapple and Coconut.

Congrats on the loss!!!