I don't understand how to use the flavour packets

The forums talk about a teaspoon or half teaspoon. The tiny taster packs say

Vanilla - 500ml water then 3 scoops
Regular - 300ml of water then 1.5 scoops

Why am I supposed to change the amount of Huel I’m ingesting depending on whether it’s UU or Vanilla? Why does the flavour packet influence this?

I have one meal of three scoops (regardless of type) at lunch, and I’m confused as to how the flavour packet fits into this.

I just added the packet to my regular 3 scooper vanilla. Ok, bit too sweet for my liking.

I’ve not had a sample pack before so can’t comment on whats wrote there. I use 1/3rd of a teaspoon of a flavour per 90g of Huel with 450ml of water. It’s recommended to use more flavour when using U/U Huel because that doesn’t have a sweetener in it so will need more flavour to mask the earthy taste of U/U.

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When using the flavourings from a full 150g pouch, it is recommended to use more flavouring for UU than for vanilla to get the full effect. As the sample pack of flavouring is of a specific size, the quantity of Huel must therefore be adjusted (for this sample meal only) to replicate the effect.

Once you have tried the flavouring, you can order a full pack of the one(s) you like and use whatever amount suits you.


Thank you :slight_smile: