How much flavour boost to use?

Hi all,

Trying my first huel tomorrow, I have the unsweetened one and some flavour boosts, how much should I add in with three scoops? The whole 3g sachet or is that way too much?

If it’s the “sample packs” I usually throw the whole thing in, I’m pretty sure it’s designed to flavour a 3 scoop shake but I didn’t have any trouble flavouring a 2 scoop shake with it. I remember someone saying on here they found it a bit sweet with the vanilla… it depends on the flavour, some are much stronger than others. Just go for it! I guess if you don’t mind faffing around then put half in and add more if you can’t really taste it

Edit: if you’re adding it to the unflavoured and unsweetened Huel, I really don’t think the 3g pack will be too much… for some flavour samples in a 2-3scoop shake it actually might not be enough! I am not a huge fan of the old UU Huel though so don’t ask me haha.

P.S. good luck tomorrow and welcome to Huel

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