Flavour Boost Sample Pack Instructions Wrong?

I recently worked my way through the flavour boosts, following the instructions on the packet (i.e. the whole sample in with vanilla huel), and I found them all to be far too sweet. I assumed it was because I was using them with vanilla, but I already had a lot of vanilla huel so I bought the strawberry flavour pack as a the least bad option.

Now I have the full pack I see the instruction is half a teaspoon, which I used and it tastes FAR better. I had one sample pack left (the banana one) so I measured it, and found it to be a little off a whole teaspoon’s worth.

Does that mean I’ve been putting twice as much flavour boost in as is needed? Are the instructions on the sample packs correct or have I totally misunderstood the instructions on the boost sample packs?

Either way I’m back to where I started, I’m going to have to try them all again :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hi @martinspoon

Sorry it didn’t work out for you. How much vanilla Huel were you using and how much water?

100g Vanilla Huel v2.2 to 500g water.

Half a teaspoon (accurately measured) of strawberry flavour boost was spot on.

As I said above, the sample pack of banana contained nearly 1 whole teaspoon. I’ve just made a batch of banana with half a teaspoon from the sample pack and it’s also very nice. So I suspect I would have enjoyed the other flavours much more with half a sample.

I had the same issue Taste samples. How do you use it?

I just tried the Pineapple and didn’t use the whole sample packet and it was quite nice. I won’t use the entire packet again, waay too much :slight_smile:

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Thanks Linus, tried searching for a thread before I posted this but I obviously missed yours!

You’re absolutely right! The Flavour Boost samples are 3g, and a teaspoon is listed as 4g.

Remember, these are samples, we don’t want people to just buy loads of these and use them continuously. By having a slightly bigger than normal sample (1g more), it gives people the best opportunity to experience the flavour. If we included 2g and someone added this to 125g of Huel (instead of the recommended 3 scoops) they would be getting less flavour and therefore won’t get the full impact. If the flavour is too strong, no worries - just add more water!

If the flavour is a little too strong you will still know whether you like it or not. You can then go on and purchase a full pouch and add as much as you like!

I hope that makes sense, there is method to our madness!

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I’ve found using the whole sachet still made it too weak. :thinking: I’ve been using it with 2.3 though to get rid of the taste (not a new vanilla fan) so maybe that makes a difference?

Ok I appreciate everyone’s preference is different, and what you’ve said makes sense, but that’s not what the instructions on the sachets say. I followed the instructions and had mostly horrid drinks, and took that to mean the flavour boosts weren’t for me. If the sachet suggested adding half a pack to start with and top up, or something along those lines, I would have had a much better experience.

Sorry Martin, the instructions we put on the Flavours comes from our NPD team who extensively test these products and we believe that the amount we include in the Flavour Boosts is right. I’m just really sorry that this wasn’t your experience and we’ll certainly keep this in mind for future runs.