Sample flavour boosts

Quick question; with the sample boosts. Am I supposed to be all the small packet in my drink? (this is what I have been doing) or, just a teaspoon from the sample packet?

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I was putting a whole sample pack in mine :smile:

Yeah, I am sure that’s what you are supposed to do since the packs don’t reseal!

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I’m sure too :smiley:

It says on the outside of my little packets how to mix it. First time I’ve tried flavour packs (having the toffee now) and it’s soooooooo sweet! I normally have 2 scoops +500ml water at lunch, but did the 3 like they suggested and it’s awful!

2 scoops with 500ml?! That’s basically water! :stuck_out_tongue:

It is if you make it on the day! But make it the night before and it’s lovely and thick! I was never getting through 3 scoop shakes, I was too full!