Cacao flavour boost


I tried the cacao flavour boost from the sample box this morning, with three scoops of vanilla. Totally underwhelmed by it to be honest.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been using coco powder up to now, but I couldn’t really tast anything different to plain vanilla, other than a stronger taste of sweetener.

Am I expecting too much from it?


I find the vanilla flavour overpowers some of the flavour boosts. Most of the flavour boosts work better with the original powder. Also you only get 2g in the sample sachets, and I tend to use closer to 4g of flavour boost for a 3 scoop shake. I thought the cacao fs was quite nice, but real cacao powder was nicer… so not really seeing the point of it, unless you want extra sweetness (as the cacao fs has stevia added whereas raw cacao powder is just cacao). The flavour of the cacao fs is slightly different than just cacao powder - I guess it just depends on your preference. The chocolate fs is quite nice too - i don’t know if you’ve tried it? Its more like proper ‘chocolate’. Again though, I would use the flavour sample with a 2 scoop shake to get a more intense flavour, to see if you like it.
All the flavour boosts work better when you have a full bag, as you can add as much or as little as you like, to your own taste.
My personal favourites are Mocha, Caramel, and Mint-Choc.

Edit: I always have three bags on the go (well four if you include the new yummy mint-choc premix): U/U to mix with Original and / or vanilla to reduce the sweetness. Vanilla is nice to drink on its own, and Original definitely mixes better with the flavour boosts as it has a less intense taste, so the added flavour comes through better.

So, if you find your shakes too sweet, get a bag of unflavoured to mix with, and if you prefer flavoured shakes, try out a bag of original and see if that works out better for you.

2nd Edit - the Original powder has a more intense sweetener taste… so actually works better with raw cacao than the cacao fs in my opinion. Original powder plus instant coffee is also awesome :slight_smile:


Thanks for that detailed reply ChristinaT!

I think I’ll make my next order a bag of U/U and a bag of Vanilla to give me a bit more flexibility.

Really enjoying Huel and coco powder for breakfast. Off on a work trip next week, and can’t take any with me, (no space as flying hand luggage only) so it’ll be an interesting experience going on pause.

When I return and get back into the swing of things again, I’ll be moving up to breakfast and lunch. That’s where the flexibility for a different flavour for lunch will come in.


I use 4g flavour boost per 76g Huel :yum:


haha wow @Bee ! You like plenty flavour :laughing:


LOL I do. Having said that, I like Vanilla just as it is. Am looking forward to my order of coffee Huel. Interested to see how different it is from adding a spoonful of instant to powder per shake.

I found Original powder plus nescafe gold blend decaf or nescafe espresso powder SO GOOD, I don’t think I want to try the coffee premix anymore… I mean could it be better than that??? LOL
Let me know :joy:


Just curious. It’s all Huel and will get used :grin:

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