Less mint, more chocolate


Silly question maybe but I have the mint and chocolate flavour boost and I find the mint too strong. There is also a chocolate flavour boost and cacao flavour boost.

But which one is best to use with mint and chocolate? And aren’t chocolate and cacao kind of the same?


I don’t have the mint-choc flavour boost but find mint-choc premix the same. Too much mint for me. I mix with a good spoonful of cacao which helps. Perhaps the chocolate fb is a bit sweeter but I don’t know.


The mint-choc flavour boost is much more chocolatey than the mint-choc premix, which tastes more like mint choc-chip ice cream than minty chocolate.

I’d actually recommend adding real cacao powder to the mint choc premix as this works really well and tones down the mint and the sweetness and adds chocolateyness without making it sickly.

As for the difference between the chocolate flavour boost and the cacao flavour boost - they are suprisingly different.
The chocolate tastes more like milk chocolate - like a bar of Cadbury’s almost.
The cacao tastes more… well… chocolatey! And less milky. It doesn’t taste like dark chocolate exactly, but more like rich chocolate.
Of the two, I prefer the cacao boost - it is delicious, especially in 50:50 Original/Unflavoured

Adding the chocolate or cacao flavour boost to the mint-choc premix makes it far too sweet in my opinion.
So cacao powder (or cocoa powder) is definitely the solution


But I don’t have the premix. I have Original Vanilla with mint-choc flavour boost. Would you still recommend to add real cacao powder with this?


Ohhhhhhh sorry! Completely misread that!
I just assumed you were talking about the premix as it’s really minty compared to the boost.
I’m suprised you find the boost too minty - maybe you would be better off with a different flavour boost.
But to use it up, I’d say yes try cacao powder.
Or try using less boost or more water to weaken the flavour a bit.
Are you refrigerating it for a couple hrs before drinking? That also improves the flavour a lot


I’d also say it depends how much of a sweet tooth you have.
For me personally, Original + MintChoc FS + Choc/Cacao FS would be disgustingly sweet.

Cacao powder would reduce the sweetness and increase the chocolate.
BUT if you love sweet, it might be worth experimenting with the choc or cacao fs too


Whahahaha yes I do think the mint and choc fab is not for me and I prefer just the chocolate but I already have it and do want to finish it.

Thanks for the tips! I do make it a night ahead and put it in the refrigerator because it makes a huge difference especially with this flavour.

I thought a chocolate or cacao flavour boost with make it less minty but it will probably make it way to sweet. I’ll try the real cacao powder.


Adding cacao powder is great for sure, I use a cacao powder with only 0.4g/100g sugar :smiley:


I bought some Raw Chocolate Company fair trade organic cacao powder that @Coup recommended.


I use Terrafertil organic raw cacao powder - it’s delicious and really high quality. Pure cacao has no sugar or additives - I would recommend that over cocoa powder.


That is exactly what I came here to say, its just a bit too minty for me, and risks becoming a bit sickly.


Can confirm adding actual raw organic cacao powder (a teaspoon or about 5 grams) to a huel shake either mint choc premix or original is delicious. Also cacao powder has a great nutritional profile and is packed with antioxidants.


I use raw cacao too, you really don’t need much of it to flavour a whole shake.


I would love the taste of dark chocolate :chocolate_bar: