Difference between mint premix and flavour boost

Hi, as the subject suggests, I’m just wondering on the difference of taste between the mint-chocolate standard huel mix, and the mint flavour boost. Are they effectively identical products, or do they have a different taste/texture? Cheers!

Hey @tomuea
It depends what powder you use as a base for the mint-chic flavour boost (ie Original or Vanilla or Unflavoured).
If you buy the flavour boost, you can add it to the Unflavoured powder if you wish to avoid sucralose (as the flavour boost is sweetened with stevia). You need to use quite a lot of flavour however to get a good result.

The pre-mixed mint choc powder is based on the Vanilla powder and therefore contains both stevia and sucralose.

The flavour boost will give you a different result in each powder.

Personally I would describe the taste of each as follows:

Chocolate Mint Premixed Huel - very minty, slightly chocolatey. Refreshing, and a bit like mint aero or mint choc chip ice cream.

Original powder plus mint choc FS - very chocolatey, pleasantly minty. A more intense flavour and more like mint chocolate.

Vanilla powder plus mint choc FS - you can taste toffee and mint and chocolate. More creamy. Less refreshing.

It depends on personal preference really.
My favourite is Original plus boost. It’s more chocolatey.
The premixed mint choc powder however is lighter and easier to drink every day (the boost option is more intense and a bit of a treat but not so nice every single day).

I guess the advantage with the flavour boost is you can adapt it to your personal taste - add more or less boost to make it stronger or weaker. You can put it in vanilla for an intense sweet creamy taste or original for a delicious mint chocolate taste or in unflavoured for a more bitter and less sweet taste.

The premix is definitely less chocolatey - I personally add cacao powder to increase the chocolate.

I like both the flavour boost and the premix.
I buy both!
They are quite different but both really good

Hope that helps!