Pre-flavoured vs vanilla + flavour boost

Hi i have ordered my first huel powder v3.0 bags (vanilla and chocolate). Vanilla tastes much better for me than chocolate. I am also testing flavor boosts on vanilla version and i have question if vanilla powder with flavour boost tastes the same as the already flavoured powder bag that i can order? If not which version do you recommend regarding the taste? Pre-flavoured powder bag or vanilla bag with flavour boost?

the premix’s and FB’s are not the same tastes and you can vary at the amount of flavour boosts to adjust the taste as you prefer. Of course, there are also many more flavour options than are available in premixed versions. Opinions on premixes (and FB’s) vary wildly due to the subjective nature of taste - so there probably isn’t a ‘right’ answer for you until you find the flavours that suit your own palette more.