How to use the Flavour Boosts


I’ve been using Huel Vanilla + Chocolate for a couple of weeks without problem, 500ml water + 2 scoops each time. It’s not quite as smooth as the pre-mixed bottles, but I guess my shaking action probably needs work :slight_smile:

Anyway, I got one of the mixed-packs of Flavour Boosts which advocates 600ml of water and 3 scoops. How are people mixing this?

I hoped that the regular shaker would fit that much water and powder, but definitely not - I was only just able to fit 600ml and 2 scoops, ending up with an unpleasant watery drink.

What’s the best way to prepare the Flavour Boosts? I don’t want 600kcals-worth - the 400 is fine!


Just keep doing what you’ve been doing!
Add about 2g of boost to your usual 500ml and 2 scoops, and if the flavour is too weak add another gram until you get the perfect flavour.
Then you know for next time exactly how much boost is the perfect amount.
3 scoops was the old serving suggestion (and involved smaller scoops!) - I expect they’ve not updated the serving info on the flavour boost sample boxes yet.

Personally I tend to use about 5-6g of flavour boost in 2 scoops but that’s using the unflavoured powder


Great, thanks :slight_smile:

The context of smaller scoops in the old system is exactly what I was looking for - I’ll try most of a sachet in 500g/2scp and see how I go - I don’t have a handy way to measure precisely 2g, so doing it by eye seems sane.


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Tip the whole mini sachet in. If you’re like me (and others on here) the 3g won’t be enough taste to make it delicious. But it will give you an idea so you can either order the pre-mixed powder or a bigger bag of flavour boost.