Adding flavour to vanilla ready-to-drink

I purchased two boxes of the vanilla ready to drink but I am not a fan which is surprising as I love the regular Huel.

Is it possible to add a flavour boost or anything else to it?

I don’t see a reason why it wouldn’t be possible.

Yes, you certainly can! I did, using the boost flavour samples and they were an absolute game changer. Banana worked a treat, as did cacao/chocolate.

At first I didn’t like the vanilla RTD, but after trying it with the samples, I tried it “naked” again and, lo-and-behold, I was a fan!

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Thank you Robzid, this is exactly the response I was looking for.

How did you add the flavour boost? Did you just measure a teaspoon and then shake as normal?

I added a full sachet of the sample and it tasted absolutely fine, if not a little too strong (I like strong so suited me well. Sample is 2g, so adding 1-2g should do the trick.

Quick hint - avoid shaking in the bottle directly if possible, as it spills over the lid when opening (besides, the RTD is very full anyway). I’d suggest decanting into the Huel shaker or another container (or even a blender) before mixing.

Happy tasting!