Failed experiment, flavour boost and RTD

So I love the matcha flavour boost. I just bought a big bag of it and I’ve been adding it to my regular vanilla Huel. Today I thought I would try adding it to RTD vanilla. I don’t know if it’s just the flavours I tried, but the flavour boost powder did not mix with the RTD Huel at all. I just ended up with vanilla Huel with little blobs of matcha powder floating around inside (these are pretty bitter in their pure form).

Fortunately the ready-to-drink versions of Huel don’t need flavour boosting, as their yummy on their own! Just thought I’d post here and save anyone else the trouble


Wow failed experiment number 2 today (this is what happens when I run out of Vanilla). I thought I’d try making mint-choc with hot chocolate, to make it more chocolatey (why else?)
I don’t have hot choc powder, the hot choc comes out of the vending machine at work already made, so it’s nice and hot and ready to drink. So I used 200ml of cold water and the poured the hot chocolate drink into it, put in 2 scoops of mint choc Huel Powder, and shook.

Instead of reducing the mint flavour, the warmth of the hot chocolate amplified it!! Now I’ve got this weird lukewarm mint choc Huel with a strangely pleasant minty tingle. I suppose it’s a good tip if you want your mint choc Huel to be more minty: try it warm!


Adventures of a mad man:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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LOL I want the opposite, to tone down the mint. Won’t be trying that then :laughing:

What if you added cacao powder to it? I presume you don’t need any added sweetness.

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I have tried adding cacao to an rtd. it didn’t go terribly well. it was quite messy and rtd is thick so the cacao didn’t really mix in.

It could possibly be done if the rtd was poured into a shaker and mixed with a flavour outside of the bottle.


Yes, you’d probably need the shaker. Or a blender.