Adding flavour boosts to chocolate rtd

I’ve been experimenting with adding Flavour Boosts to the Chocolate RTD.

I really like the chocolate RTD but unusually for me I don’t find it sweet enough (I know! I’m always saying all the flavours are too sweet… but this one is the exception).
I tried adding a little sugar but although it was nice, the flavour seemed flat somehow.

So - I’ve been adding flavour boosts, mixed first in a tiny drop of water to ensure they dissolve well.

I’m wondering if anyone else has tried this and what they find works really well?
I had previously tried all the old boosts, but as these new ones are different it’s pointless posting the results here!

However, out of the new ones:

Banana - this is really good in chocolate rtd. I first tried one sample sachet (3g) and it was delicious but not quite bananary enough. I added another 3g and it was a bit too much. Somewhere in the middle would be perfect!

Chocolate cherry - this was pretty awesome in chocolate RTD. I found 4-5g the perfect amount. The boost tastes very strongly of cherry almond and not so much of chocolate, so combined with the chocolate RTD it’s incredible.

Salted caramel - I didn’t like this in UU powder (I found it way too salty), but again, in chocolate RTD it was amazing. The saltiness and sweetness of the boost cut through the heaviness of the chocolate and made the perfect combo :yum:

Mint-Choc - I need to try this one again. The mint cut through the chocolate nicely but it was missing something. Sweetness I think. I’m going to try buying a full pouch and adding more than 3g next time and maybe a tiny touch of sweetness. I think this could be a winner but I didn’t get the mix right first time.

You know what I’ve been craving??
Chocolate Orange boost!
@EllaOfficialHuel @HelenaOfficialHuel please consider this for the future.
I mean who doesn’t want to drink liquid chocolate orange?!


I’ve yet to try RTD but I second the request for an orange booster!! I’ve been hoping myprotein would release an orange flavour in their flavdrops series…orange + vanilla Huel would be amazing I bet! Orange creamsicle :heart_eyes:

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You could try something like this I have tried some of their flavours but not fruity ones.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Their range is huge - what flavours have you tried? Also apologies @ChristinaT for hijacking the thread!


Custard, caramel and butterscotch. They are all made from vegetable based flavourings and therefore suitable for vegan ayatollahs. They work best in a Huel base that is sweetened so not uu.