How does everyone measure their Huel Flavour Boosts?

I plan to buy some Huel Flavour Boosts. How does everyone measure how much to add to Huel? With normal Huel, it comes with a scoop. Is there an equivalent for the Flavour Boosts?

Depending on whether you have a sweet tooth or not most people tend to go for either 1/2tsp or 1tsp. Personally I’m a 1tsp kinda guy. I highly recommend the mint choc flavour boost.


I never actually measure it. I just throw in around half a teaspoon…but my teaspoons are all different sizes so that doesn’t help.

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Anyone would think that you were being deliberately unhelpful here. Fortunaty we all know you better than that :smile:

I too am a 1 teaspoon kinda gal, so I use a highly accurate measuring teaspoon, which lives in my pouch of mint chocolate flavour boost. It’s my favourite by far.

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Surely not! :rofl:

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I’ve heard that the usual thing is 1tsp for most flavours except for the fruit ones (strawberry, banana) where half a teaspoon is better because they seem to be a little more intense.

I have 1.5 scoops for breakfast and for dinner and each of those I have half a teaspoon and that’s lovely mint choc for the win

Never even considered measuring it, I’m in the 1tsp club too.

I just pour a load in direct from the packet…probably way too much but it tastes nice!

Well looks like the odd the one out - I weigh mine, I have 148g of huel and a couple of grams of flavour boost (600ml water).

I find a teaspoon (proper measuring scoop) of flavour boost to 76g Huel powder in 400/500ml water is just right for my taste buds.

I pre-mix about half a flavour boost pack with a pack of Huel powder and after shaking and rolling it to mix the two together I keep it in a seal-able food container. Then I just measure out straight from there into my blender each day.


Great idea! Think I’m gonna do this with my mint chocolate fs.