Feedback on the flavour pouches please!

Some further Feedback on the Strawberry flavour.
Last week I tried the Strawberry with Huel V1.0 and it was pretty good, subtle Strawberry flavour with no bad aftertaste.

Today I’ve tried it with Huel V1.2 and it pretty much transformed the drink. I love it.
I don’t particularly like Huel V1.2 on it’s own, purely because I have a really sweet tooth, but I could drink it with that Strawberry pack all day.

Will go back and try the Toffee flavour with V1.2 and see if there’s any difference.

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@Tom_Leppard thank you for the follow up review, appreciated.

What is v1.2 ? Was the unflavoured, unsweetened one given its own version number?

@Yossi Did you use vanilla Huel or unflavoured?

I’m thinking of getting the strawberry flavour pack myself, but I’m not sure whether to try it with unflavoured or vanilla.

Marcus, I have the standard vanilla flavour. I love it with Strawberry.
However, I tried Rhubarb last nighte. I hated it. Totally hated the flavour. :frowning:

what’s that 1.2? I thought there was only Huel 1.0 and 1.1??

What was up with the Rhubarb?
I’m getting this one with my next order.

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@Tom_Leppard @yossi - I loved the rhubarb and custard, reminded me of being a kid. One of my personal favourites. Well in fact all four are. These were the best of the loads that we tested.

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What about savoury flavours? They could be something like:

  • Cheese
  • Curry
  • Roast Dinner
  • Fish Fingers
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Cheese and curry sound nice.
Not so sure about roast dinenr and fish fingers though :stuck_out_tongue:

I just didn’t like the taste. I was never a big fan of rhubarb anyways…

I’m quite enjoying the variety … Today I had plan vanilla… tonight I’ll probably have strawberry until I get the mocha and toffee (Huel: hurry up with my order :P)

I just ordered 1 week of unflavoured and a strawberry flavour pack. Always a bit of a gamble to try something new, but I’m sure it will be drinkable at least.

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I’ve been messing around with the unflavoured one too much to post a comprehensive review of the flavour pouches yet. I also keep messing up the consistency, probably coz I’ve been making lots of smaller shakes instead of my usual several thick ones. However, nothing I’ve tasted so far has been unpleasant, although probably won’t be trying unaltered unflavoured huel again in a hurry.

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Ordered the toffee flavour pouch and, although it smells really enticing and powerful, I don’t notice a significant change in taste. I still prefer the regular vanilla-tasting Huel.

That being said, I hope that some day I will be able to drink chocolate Huel! :wink:

@Sebastian chocolate does seem to be a popular request, have you tried any chocolate / cocoa powders?

If the toffee isn’t strong enough just add a little more.

i tried a full teaspoon of strawberry in my 110g breakfast shake (so about double of the recommended dose) and it tasted so much better. I think I’ll keep to the quite sweet ones for breakfast and the plan vanilla one for dinner.

Been using the mocha for about a week and love it. I work in the coffee industry and really can’t tell a coffee taste at all, more a slightly dark chocolate, maybe like a cocoa? Been using with the vanilla huel, make up on an evening and refrigerate over night which makes it nice and thick. Will try strawberry next!

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I don’t think I was messing up the consistency, the same amount of powder and water seems to make a much thinner shake than my previous batch of huel? :confused:

Anyway, I’ve enjoyed all four flavour pouches. Toffee is probably my least favourite but I need to try it again with the unflavoured, as I think it might just be that it’s blending too much with the vanilla whereas the other flavours are more noticeable.

I’ve found that the recommended 2% can be tasted but is a bit mild. However, adding more can make it taste fantastic, but it’s easy to add a bit too much and take the flavour too far (VERY unpleasant if you really get it too strong, I wonder if this is what the people that posted such negative responses experienced perhaps).

It probably didn’t help that I’m using cheap electronic scales (no decimals); works fine for huel but not accurate enough for small amounts of flavoring - I’m going to try switching to level measuring spoons to find out exactly how much I like with my shakes instead, I think that’ll work better.

Well, right now I’m drinking unflavoured Huel with the strawberry flavouring.

3 scoops of unflavoured Huel into the blender with about 550 ml water. Consistency is definitely much thinner. I added half a teaspoon of strawberry flavour. It hardly tasted of anything, so I put another half a teaspoon in. Still didn’t taste of much to me, so I put another whole teaspoon in. It needed that much to really taste of strawberry to me…but there is an odd, slightly bitter taste with it. Is that the stevia?

I’ve not tried adding the strawberry flavour to the vanilla Huel yet. I might try that at some point over the weekend. But this is a thumbs down from me, I’m afraid. It’s drinkable, but definitely well below the standard of the vanilla Huel.