Flavour boosters any good?

Hi All, Anyone tried the flavour booster sachets and are they any good?

I have been looking around for a couple of weeks and weighing up different brands (a lot of new ones out there!!). Ended up with a £5 off voucher at wearesolo.com so i’m giving the cafe latte flavour a whirl there (free delivery and a free shaker on top swung it for me … cheapskate :rofl:).

Still would like to try the Huel but not sold on Vanilla or Unflavoured so any feedback on the flavour pouches would be welcomed!

Thanks :relaxed:


I would say yes. I started with strawberry and then in my last order I got the samples. Found about four more I like.

Definitely worth the effort!



Check the website, the samples are great

I tried the flavor booster sachets with my last order - I liked some more than the others but now I now which one to order next time as a full pouch. It is like “try before you buy”. Go for it.

I find the Huel flavour pouches to be too weak. I used a heaped teaspoon of toffee eventually, after trying ever increasing amounts, and still the ‘toffee’ flavour was hardly there but the Huel was then way too sweet. While Huel is definitely the best meal replacement on Earth (IMHO) it falls badly short on its flavour pouches (again IMHO)

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