Sad experience making Huel this morning

…as the realisation sank in that once my current bags of delicious chocolate and mocha flavour boosts run out, I’ll be stuck with the inferior new chocolate one and no mocha at all - because that new one is straight up, pour-it-down-the-sink disgusting.

I don’t get why any company would pull the rug out from under a consumer base who are used to a certain flavour. Pretty gutted about this to be honest and I’ve had nothing but good things to say about Huel until this point.


Sorry to hear that you feel this way :frowning:
I’m going to try the Mocha today, as it was in the 10 pack try-out package I ordered. Now I’m nervous!

Is this a new Berry-like-flavour boost experience…? Any thoughts @David?

I found that one blandly acceptable.

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I tried it after 1h in the fridge and decided to pour a ristretto in it… Not a fan, not a fan. Hope it tastes better during lunch…

I tried it after an hour of freezer time and several hours of fridge time - the way I usually have it. But it’s just grim with an aftertaste that is equal parts horrible and curiously hard to describe.

Let me make an educated guess by having spent some time here on the forum: vile, farts, death, bogging, underpants, the death of a grandparent, staring into the abyss or insuffarable?


I quite like it. Not as strong as the previous Mocha, granted, but I suppose it depends on how much you use.

With the extra shot of strong ristretto coffee it was ok. Not my fav though, but the original mocha was also not wow for me.

I haven’t had the misfortune of trying the new flavour boosts but I’m not looking forward to them based on other people’s reviews. The old mint choc was my favourite. I read the new flavour boosts taste more like the premixed flavours. I really hope that’s not the case because all the premixed flavours are disgusting. Vanilla + old flavour boost is the only combination I enjoy.

I am REALLY waiting for some umami flavours. The peanut was a big miss for me, the salted caramel too sweet. I like the umami in the macha, but alas, that has gone. The gingerbread FB is has a bit of that going on, so that one I like, but it’s also seasonal. Looking forward to seeing what the Huel team comes up with :slight_smile: I hope they don’t go the all salty route though, idk, probably that’s me, but the Tomato and Mushroom flavours of Feed don’t entice me.


My toffee flavour boost ran out. I plan to order toffee flavoured flavdrops.

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Welcome to life with Huel, you find one that is perfect, then they ‘improve’ it to something not as nice. Yep, even 10 years from now I’ll still be miffed over v1.2.

My two favourites used to be matcha and mocha. Now matcha is gone and mocha is absolutely disgusting. I’m going to try Stevia Flavour Drops from Amazon. Won’t be buying anymore Huel boosts unless they reinstate the original flavours. Is this company trying to lose customers?!


I too miss the matcha (and pineapple coconut and toffee). I’m now using flag drops to replace the toffee. Is there anything with a matcha flavour to match the boost?

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I’ve got some matcha tea but it needs some kind of sweetener to get close to the old Huel matcha taste. I might get some stevia to add to it (although looking on Amazon it is quite expensive). I reckon it had extra vanilla in it as well. I think it’s going to take a lot of experimenting before I crack it. Maybe Huel could publish the exact recipe, as they can’t be bothered to sell it anymore.


I really enjoyed the Matcha in original with water, or, as a more creamier texture in vanilla with oatmilk.

I also miss matcha and mocha :frowning:
(And cacao and old mint choc and caramel!)
(And pineapple coconut)

I hope they bring back these much loved flavours


Matcha flavor boost is especially delicious in the 2.3 banana premix.