Ready for the ultimate meal in a bottle? :black_heart:
It’s the product Hueligans worldwide have been waiting for…
Introducing NEW Huel Black Edition Ready-to-drink.
Available online now in UK & Germany, with US coming soon! :earth_americas:
This brand new innovation takes the blueprint of our original Ready-to-drink, and loads it with 75% more protein, 28% fewer carbs, and zero artificial sweeteners.
:black_heart: 35g protein
:black_heart: 26 vitamins & minerals
:black_heart: Zero artificial sweeteners
:black_heart: 172 health benefits, including vitamin C for immune support and vitamin B12 to reduce feelings of tiredness
:black_heart: The ultimate meal in a bottle
Huel Black Edition Ready-to-drink is here to fuel your maximum potential on-the-go.
Choose from either Chocolate or Vanilla flavour.
Are you in the UK & Germany? Get yours now :tada:


On the website is says £41.00 per box of a dozen. Above it says £45.50.

one is sub price other is one off price


Ah of course. I’ll go back to sleep.


Feels kind of sneaky though doesn’t it? Presenting the discounted price as though it was the actual price most people will pay.

£4.50 extra per 12 for a one time purchase is absolutely wild too.

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Not really IMO.

  • Default option selected is subscription – the primary option they promote.
  • It’s the same for other Huel products you click on, e.g. Daily Greens.
  • Do most people really buy Huel as one-offs? Makes zero sense for someone who buys any Huel products more than once to not use a subscription and save money, even if they only buy occasionally. I suspect most are subs.
  • If they included the £85+ 10% discount, then that would have been sneaky, but they didn’t.
  • Nothing “absolutely wild” about £4.50 being extra. It’s a 10% discount. Can’t see what’s wild about it.

Liking the new release! Know a couple people who’ll probably get this. Hope these end up in stores too :muscle:

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It seems to contain tea extract, but no lycopine, unlike the powder. Are you going to remove it from all of your products?

Good stuff. Will wait for better flavours but a step in the right direction.

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Does this replace V2?
I hope not…
Will you be offering 3 versions?

This a Standalone product separate from our original Ready to drink! :heart:

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I really think you need to change this line on the product page, it’s not true.


It defaults to a sub price though. You’d have to manually switch to one-off to get the higher price (which, admittedly, some people will do because a sub feels like a commitment).

edit: even though it says “cancel anytime with no fees”. It feels like there must be a catch.

Why does the powder contain lycopene and the RTD not?

Awesome! I bought my first batch of Huel Black only last week, and I’m really enjoying it. The taste is honestly not that great, but it really seems to agree with my stomach well. I can consume as much as I want, and it doesn’t cause me any digestion problems, which actually really surprised me considering how much protein is in it, and considering protein consumption is my biggest problem with my non-Huel diet, this is awesome (I mostly eat vegetarian or vegan food, and I don’t like most high protein vege food).

Hopefully more flavours come out later. Chocolate and vanilla are two of my least favourite (I’ll still by them anyway though).

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Probably because the long gestating BE reformulation hasn’t happened yet. They have previously replied to why added Lycopene was removed from other products – partly because it was essentially redundant in the formulation due to other sources of antioxidants - and that different legislation regarding lycopene’s use in different global markets could lead to potential issues that they were not aware of when they first started using it.

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The Vanilla Black RTD tastes terrible.
It is like someone has spiked it with alcohol.
I now have 11 bottles ready to throw out.

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Maybe they did spike it. Drink five and see what happens. For science!


Your local food bank would prefer you donate them. :wink:


Oh look! A first-time poster who’s making a wild claim that a new Huel product is disgusting/made them vomit like the Exorcism/killed their pet kitten :joy: