Chocolate RTD in Europe


I see the UK website has Chocolate RTD bottles, but you can’t order them in Europe.

Any plans to bring it to European customers?


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@Tim_Huel Do you have an answer for that?

They have been in the shop for german speaking people since March 31st - the day after you asked.
Did you check back if they are in your country’s shop now, too?

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Hey there! Sorry for missing this message, thanks for checking back in. @Flamme is correct, we launched, after long last, Chocolate RTD quietly into our EU stores this week.



Oh, got it! Thanks!

Indeed, I didn’t check the website since I wrote this message here.


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When Will we be able to order single chocolate rtds to try Them out? And also single bars of each flavour?

I don’t have a date for you on single bottles, sorry - it will be in the plan though. Single bars were available in the EU but we temporarily switched them off to protect stock of the full boxes.