Chocolate RTD launch?

When the new v3.1 Huel bars were announced, there was a link to the respective store, where you could read about all the changes taking place:

On the German store, below the update for the bars, there was another headline reading “Cocolate RTD launch” with nutritional info and everything and I was very excited to finally be able to order them alongside the new bars in Germany. But alas, there is no Choc RTD to be found in the German store as of now.

Was this launch info put there by accident? Or will the choc RTD soon be available?

This looks like an accidental leak by the IT team. If true (which should happen sooner than later taking into account it’s been out for a while) this is fantastic news. Great find!

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Yeah I’m also waiting for chocolate RTD in EU store… :sob: it sounds delicious

Well, they sell a vanilla flavour boost (sic!) there, too… :crazy_face:

Edit: But wait, they even have a picture of it! :astonished:


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Ooh I’m going to buy some of that! Even though I can’t imagine any use for it, seeing that I drink vanilla premix… it just feels special because it’s EU only!

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