RTD 2.0 availability for original flavours?

Hello Team Huel!
When is chocolate, banana and co being updated to 2.0?
It’s been a while aye?

We hear you, who knows what we could see in the future!

Is there changes to our v.2 flavours you’d like to see brought to our original Ready to drink options? :heart:

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“Updating” the original v1 flavours to the v2 ingredients profile would likely upset the applecart, as the v1 flavours use sucralose as the sweetener and v2 flavours use stevia so it would undoubtedly alter the taste of current v1 flavours.

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Yes stevia would be great - i’m here for nutrition and those RTD’s out of an ice cold fridge will be lovely. I understand flavour needs to change to advance and it’s not a fine wine to debate over :slight_smile: Unless you release a Huel Wine?..no… Let’s stick to RTD :smiley:

Is there anymore than ‘it will be in the future’. Is there any info of a few months, 6 months, this year? Thanks!

That’s not what he wrote :wink:


In global markets – chocolate, followed by vanilla, banana and strawberry are the most popular flavours in this market segment by far. It’s reasonable to assume a similar trend applies to Huel’s RTD’s, so cant see them needing to change that if they are their biggest sellers - and don’t want to upset that balance as @Coup said.

That’s true @Coup there wasn’t any timeline.
@Mark_Huel or anyone at Huel - Is there any info of a few months, 6 months, this year? It’s been a while in limbo eh?

But he didn’t even say it will happen. Let alone an estimate of when.

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I sadly don’t have that information, all I have the means to do is pass on your feedback right now for future consideration!

Like I said previously who knows what we could see in the future. That isn’t me saying it’s going to happen but it’s also me saying you can never rule it out :heart: