Carbs in RTD

Has the carb content of RTD gone up recently?
I am sure it used to be about 32-34g depending on the flavour. The chocolate is now 41g.

Hey there, the chocolate RTD is still within that range at 32.4g of carbs per bottle, please see here- The Huel Ready-to-drink Formula Explained

Hi @Jess_Huel I think the confusion is there are some label picks online that say 41 and on the huel USA website it says 41g

*I only noticed that because I order through the Malaysian store which even though it is fulfilled through the UK, the online nutrition is as the US site not the UK one.

Thanks for your replies.

Reason I am asking ….I am type 1 diabetic and have the RTD for breakfast and lunch so I don’t have to think about calculating carbs during the day. I wondered by my normal insulin dose was not having the usual effect.

I try to keep close to 30g of carbs per meal to limit blood sugar spikes. The insulin is less effective the more I take, so try to keep it low.

Can I get the 32g carb bottles on subscription in the UK?

Not sure how I order via Malaysia… :woozy_face:

that part’s ‘easy’ - you just have to live in Malaysia :slight_smile:


Got you! As this is the US label, it shows total carbs, therefore they’ve included the fibre in this amount. In the EU carbs are ‘Available Carbohydrates’ (total carbs minus fibre) which explains the slight differences in the two :blush:

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So the composition of the actual product is the same as alway, labelling is just different?

Thanks for your help with this. I don’t want to adjust my insulin does if the carb content has not changed.