Would love a low fat/high carb version

So I’ve been a long term, on-and-off Huel user for years (my original forum name was Huelio_Iglesias) and was around relatively early in Huel’s journey.

I love the concept, but keep asking myself why I’m an ‘on and off’ user and not a regular customer. I’ll buy a few bags at a time, try something new, enjoy it, but then won’t buy anything for months and months. Currently I buy the RTDs from my local Sainsburys once every other day.

The main reason for me is that I follow a low fat, high carb diet.

I’d love to see a low fat, high carb formulation - no more than 4g-5g (max) of fat per 100g serving whilst still keeping around 400kcals per serving and minimising sugars in the same way the current offerings are.

I’m really surprised this hasn’t been offered yet. Huel is a 100% plant based product, and the majority (but not all) plant based eaters generally followed a low fat, high carb diet which is what many plant based advocates heavily encourage. Those in the nutrition world will know of the work of folks like T. Colin Campbell (The China Study), Caldwell Esselstyn, John McDougall and others - all of whom encourage low fat/high carb.

I’m sure it would be at least as popular as the current ‘Black’ offering which caters to the lower carb crowd. Considering it’s a plant based product, surely you guys could trial something similar for low fat/high carb?

Again for me, I would only consider it if it was 5g of fat or less per 100g serving.

The fats in Huel are all from the ingredients - flaxseed, sunflower oil, MCTs and oats. I’m not sure how a lower fat one could be done but perhaps @Dan_Huel the nutrition wizard could have some ideas?

Thanks for your thoughts!

I think it’s possible to make such a formula. Unfortunately the demand isn’t there like for a low carb version.

I know it’s not as convenient and nutritionally it’s not quite the same, but what you could do is add Huel Complete Protein to instant oats to hit 400kcal. This won’t be far off the macros you’re after.


Hey @DRC , this thread is nearly a year old so I’m going to lock it. If you want to start a new topic on a low fat/high carb version please do.