Reason for using Huel

I decided to try Huel as a way of me getting the vitamins and nutrients that I know I wasn’t getting from the foods that I eat normally.

I don’t like vegetables and pretty much lived on junk or fast foods.

Currently on day 5.
I discovered I prefer huel with milk only.
Water makes it too much like wallpaper paste.
Almond milk is thicker but still paste-like.
Milk makes it just like eating cold porridge and the banana flavour helps with the texture too.

I notice I’ve already cut down on snacking and I am just having 1 huel in the morning, which takes me around 1-2 hours to finish.


Oat milk is the big one at the moment, seems to work a bit better than almond though I do like my own DIY Almond milk - not just because it works out waaaay cheaper than store bought (DIY Almond Milk guide here)


Looks pretty easy to make almond milk. I have made oat milk so will give it a try. I rarely put any vegan milk in Huel these days but can use for other things.

It is, having a proper nut bag makes it easier, and cashew milk with the same method is f#cking amazing but you shouldn’t have too much of that.

I’ve got a few nut bags kicking about.


Fresh almond milk is incredible.
And worth the effort in my opinion.
The stuff you buy in shops is something entirely different and nothing like the real thing.
I used the left over crushed almond pieces by stirring them into my porridge.
You could also use them in baking or make a nut roast or veggie burger etc

I prefer Oat milk over almond - I find some brands of almond milk make the Huel blend impossibly gloopy and Oat has a more neutral taste so easier to add other flavours. Down side is that its not really any better for you than regular semi skimmed milk - it just affords you the option to go non dairy.

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Multi purpose for me really- I’m a community based worker meaning I drive around a lot, so convenience, money saving, healthy alternative to what I normally eat, weight loss and getting protein into my diet a bit better. Also the low FODMAP ingredients are good for my IBS :slight_smile:

I started with half soya milk half water but it was adding too many calories so I’ve swapped to water only. Yes it doesn’t taste as good but I’m trying to reprogrammed myself to see food as fuel. The bars were nasty tho :sob::joy:

My reason(s) are:

Assurance of macros and most micros needed for maintaining health ( 2000 Kcal average);
A easier way to get into vegan territory;
A way to became more alert and less bloated ( as with regular meals);
Caloric control to the gram;
Cuting sugar to the minimal;
Time and money saver;
To fulfill the eating to live moto, and not the opposite;
IMHO the best product on price/quality/effectiveness on the powdered food market;

It´s a staple on my daily life.

Well I have noticed I’m not snacking still

I don’t eat any solid foods until evening meal.

I still only have 1 huel a day and I still prefer milk. Not too worried about the calories as just having 1 instead of 2.

Also it’s much better for me than all those small unhealthy snacks


Keep at it