Absolutely loving vanilla v2.3

I’ve spent about a week with Huel and I’ve clicked around the forum quite a bit and seen the odd negative review of the flavour (I admit I’ve not tasted previous versions). I just wanted to say, for the record: I absolutely love the latest vanilla flavour! I can understand some people being averse to the sweetness but for me it’s like a pint of cake better a couple of times a day, and feels like such a massive indulgence that it’s hard to believe it’s even remotely good for me.

I bought a couple of bags because I work at home, I’d often find myself missing lunch or eating at weird times. I had expected it to be a slightly rubbish but nevertheless convenient option to guarantee I had a decent breakfast or lunch, but honestly, I find myself craving the stuff and licking my hand-held blender clean like a kid given a sticky spoon.

Looking forward to trying out my flavour pack but thus far the most adventurous I’ve felt the need to be is blending in a banana a couple of times (which tastes pretty much exactly like my mum’s banana cake from when I was a kid). But in the meantime, in case you don’t get enough positive feedback: thanks!


I like the new and improved vanilla also, but never tastes the original so I really can’t compare…

New is very sweet/strong whereas original is more mild and creamy a little vanilla icecream

Thank you so so much Thom for the great review! I absolutely love this description of the flavour:

Thanks for taking the time to write this, means a lot. Let us know if you have any questions at all.