Sweet Aftertaste

I’m loving my vanilla Huel. But the sweet after taste is niggling. Is switching to the unflavoured unsweetened the way to go… Just so I know when purchasing my next batch… Many thanks :slight_smile:

Ordering only one bag of UU is always an option. If it’s not to your liking it’s very manageable to mix it in with the Vanilla.

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I like the vanilla too, but on my next order I’m going for one bag of U/U and one of vanilla to mix 50/50. I think U/U would be pretty extreme without some sweetness and flavour added… When I get my next order, though, I will try U/U on its own just so I know what it’s like :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally mix 100g of U/U with 25g of Vanilla as I don’t really like the taste of sweetner and for having tried U/U by itself I can say that it’s pretty awful :smiley: Oh, and I mix in a banana, pretty yummy !